Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monthly Dose Sneak Peek #3

*Gallery Reveal will be on Friday, June 6th!

Hee Hee

I don't mean that as a sneaky hee hee, well, kinda! I feel like I'm teasing you with this sign up thing! You are all so excited and it's like holding a piece of candy in front of a 3 year old and not giving it to them! I promise I didn't mean for this to happen! It's kinda fun though! Brad is working on getting that link for you to sign up. I think he was working on it last night, but I don't see it out there. He isn't on line this morning, so, we will WAIT...........He really is working hard at getting it done. I have to give him deadlines, because, you see, he has a real job that he gets paid a salary for! Scrap Etc is just his side job......not sure why we aren't his priority ;-)!

Don't you love the sneak peeks? It just makes me want another kit to do all the adorable things that the other designers have done! Wow, they are so cute!

I think there were a few more questions.....let me go look and I will try and answer them........

Blogger melita said...

awesome! another question though...where will the gallery be? linked here on the blog or through the mb?

great question, Melita! Cross your fingers that the gallery will be on the main site. We will eventually move everything there. So, you aren't having to bounce all over the place to find us!

Blogger Linh Chin-Lai said...

Hmmm...I thought I had posted a question here, but I don't see it. Sorry if this will become a duplicate...

Question: Will there be two main kits per month and we'll get to choose which one we want?

No, Linh, just one main kit or as we call it at the apothecary, your Monthly Dose!

Blogger leeann said...

Will there be a way to order and send a monthly dose as a gift?

I like this question! What a great idea, to send someone this as a gift! There is a bill to and a ship to in the ordering process. You will just make the send to the gift recipient's address.

Great questions......keep them coming!
Who wants a prize? Let's give away an alpha stamp set from Fontwerks.......I can't find a picture of them......they are alphas with sayings around each letter. VERY cute!

send your addy to

Don't worry, we will keep giving you more sneak peeks!
As soon as I get that link....I will post it here!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am totally doing the happy dance! You guys are so excited about Scripts! I love that. You don't know how happy that makes me.

You can see how incredible this team is. There is no way I could've done any of this without them. Virginia has rocked this blog. She is so good at it. Vanessa has done a fabulous job on getting the kits together and keeping it organized. Shelley and Katie have taken these products and done some UnbElieVabLe things with them. Of course, there's Brittney, she has been such a huge support in this whole endeavor and one of the most encouraging people I have been around......You will be so blown away by all of the designers! I just love how we can all take the exact same products and come up with totally different ideas.......this is an incredible experience and I am so honored to be a part of it. Thank YOU!

I wanted to try and answer a few questions. It seems the biggest one is.........How do I sign up?
This is probably my FavoRitE question! hehe It is also one of the hardest to! We have the sign up area set up......still working on connecting it to the site and the accounts! So......we have a list and as SOON as we get it together I will post a link and you will be able to sign up and get ready to play! Woohoo!!!

Blogger Linh Chin-Lai said...

Thanks for the info, Virginia. One question I have is: can us locals pick up the kits at the store and save on shipping?

Linh - we will give you an instore credit on your shipping. Since the shipping is added in already and it would be too confusing to go through and take it out each month. So, when you come by to pick up your can have a little credit in the store!

OpenID thegirltx! said...

I want to know if you can buy the supplement kit or the side effect kit if you don't buy the Monthly dose??

thegirltx - the add-on kits will be offered to the subscribers and those who buy the Monthly dose. If we have an overdose we will have them for sale until the end of the month!

Blogger Lynn said...

This is so cool! I was hoping Scrap ETC would offer kits! Will people who don't "subscribe" be able to purchase any leftover kits?

Lynn - A one time Dose is $32 plus $7.50 shipping*.

Blogger Chere said...

What day of the month will you previews come out? Please tell me you will have enough for you monthly members? Can't wait.

Chere - *Gallery Reveal will be Friday, June 6!

Blogger Chere said...

Where do we sign up? I do not want to miss tomorrow deadline.

Chere - the deadline isn't still have a few days! Oh, maybe you are in another timezone! We will post a link tomorrow that will take you to the sign up. I am keeping a list of all who are ready to sign up. You are on it!

So far......that is all the questions from you! I guess Virginia did a great job at explaining everything! Not that I ever doubted her.
Just keep them coming and we will keep the answers flowing. Now, let's give away a PRIZE!

thanks to all of you who commented..............

Winner of this most encouraging an inspiring book......
picked by my helpful hubby............
Congratulations!!! send me your addy and I will get it out to you!

Monthly Dose Sneak Peek #1

*Gallery Reveal will be Friday, June 6!

Monthly Dose Details

Low on Inspiration?
Do you suffer from writer's block?
Need a pattern fix?
Looking for color therapy?

We have just what the doctor ordered.
Scripts.....your monthly dose of inspiration!

Subscription Details:

Every month, we will have a Monthly Dose (main kit), Supplements (add ons), and Side Effects (project kits).

Automatic monthly refills are $29 plus $7.50 shipping*.

A one time Dose is $32 plus $7.50 shipping*.

Supplements' pricing will vary from month to month.

Side Effects pricing will vary from month to month.

--If are a subscriber, you can choose to add on a Supplement and/or Side Effect each month. (Non-subscribers will have the ability to add these on to their shopping cart with their One Time Dose.) You will need to notify us by emailing us at with "Supplement" or "Side Effect" in the subject line. I believe that the shopping cart will also have this option. I'm not entirely sure how Lucy is going to handle this part, but I just wanted to go ahead and get this info out there. I will update tonight with the pertinent details regarding the charging for the side items.

* International shipping will be calculated and charged accordingly.
* Shipping on Supplements and Side Effects will be combined with Monthly Dose.

Cancellation & Skip Policy:
Your automatic Refills (subscription) can be canceled at any time, but you will need to contact us at with "Cancel Subscription" in the subject line. You may also choose to skip a month (you will not be charged for that month) by emailing us with "Skip Month" in the subject line.

Cancellations and Skips will need to be made a month in advance, on the 5th. (For example, if you want to skip your September Script, you will need to notify us by August 5th.) Your card will be charged on the 10th of every month, kits will be shipped on the 15th.

Please feel free to leave comments & ask questions! We will update each evening with a Q&A post! (And every comment gets your name put into a drawing for prizes!) *wink, wink!*

{Our web guy is setting up the shopping cart today- Lucy should be back on tonight with the actual shopping details, along with answers to your questions.)