Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August kit

Hi Scripts friends.....we are working on getting the gallery up. We have been moving our store and it has been a task! We started on Sunday and have a LOT of work to do tomorrow to get it ready to open this weekend. Several of the designers have projects and layouts, so, I hope to have a gallery up on Saturday. It will probably happen that evening! We will still get the kits out by the 15th. So, don't worry about it getting to you late. We just have had lots going on and no time to get creative!! So sad.....We will have a picture of the kit up on Saturday and the list of all the contents. So, hang tight and you'll get your monthly dose before you know it!

We are still making changes to the site. Let's hope we can get that thing to perfection soon. I'm tired of it not being finished. So, go hang out at You'll find plenty to talk about and you can even upload images to the gallery there! (finally!)

Be watching on Saturday to see this fun kit. I guess I can give you a about color combo? green, blue, brown, orange and red! it's great for the end of the summer......getting ready for'll love it!

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Linh Chin-Lai said...

Thanks for all your hard work! The color combo sounds festive :)