Monday, January 12, 2009

January kit Sneak Peek!

I feel so behind already! How do things just slip up? Here is a pic of the January kit. It's a little late, but Vanessa did such a great job photographing it! I want one for myself!! haha!

We wanted to give you a head start on making Valentines! I hope you can use this kit to give your special Valentine something they will cherish or to make something for a "new" Valentine!

Has anyone seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? OH MY! It is a beautiful love story! Not just because I'm in love with Brad Pitt, either. I know, I know he left his wife for someone else in real life, but who cares! He is gorgeous! If you've seen the movie....he's gets on a motorcycle and has on these sunglasses and rides down this country road and I just wanted to say "thankyou" out loud!! My hubby would've looked at me I didn't! But, my point is that I would love to have our "love story" written down like that. So that I can go back and remember all the wonderful things we do together! I don't think this is a spoiler, is it? Go see it!


g said...

oh so pretty! pink is my favorite :)
can't wait to see what the DT comes up with!

Linh Chin-Lai said...


I can't wait to see the DT projects.