Friday, August 28, 2009


The little guy has definitely hit the stage where he wants to be independent about his own style choices. One of his favorite things to do is picking out & laying out his clothes (sounds like someone else I know!). He was recently handed-down some pajamas (or, "gajamas," as he calls them), and man, he LOVES to wear them to bed. He even has names for the different ones- like, the Batmas p.j.s are "the scary gajamas." hehe
Made with the Scripts August kit and add on kit- find it here!

That blue & green border strip- actually packaging from the Making Memories cork alphas! Same goes for the journaling spot; that is from some of the Sassafrass buttons packaging.

In order to make my focal photo stand out a little more, I laid it on the edge of my table and sanded the photo to make a cool border around it.

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