Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Mini Book

I meant to post this earlier today, but life & time got away from me! I am so sorry folks!

Hopefully this jam-packed-full-o'-pictures post will make up for it. :)

I wanted to make a mini-album of our pics of the pumpkin patch, but I didn't have one on hand that I really liked the size of, so I made one myself. This is SO easy to do- it's just a strip of cardboard from a box, and I bent it so that there is a little bit of a binding on the side- probably about 1" thick.

I folded the inside pages the same way, and then poked through all the layers with a paper piercer. I used the cute glitter brads in the kit to hold it all together. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these brads?!)

The stems on the pumpkins are made out of snipped off edges of my spooky tree glitter cut. I knew that I wouldn't use the whole tree on another project, but it would go off of the side, so I snipped off little bits that would eventually get trimmed off. The inside pages are very simple- just a few little strips of paper and embellishments and stickers. The photos really stood out against the colors on the papers, so I let them speak for themselves.

The last page had a few of my memories jotted down from the day. You could easily include these notes on each page, but I wanted them in one cohesive spot. :)


g said...

what an awesome little book! such great photos! i love the journaling all together at the end too! just darling!!

Anonymous said...