Thursday, December 4, 2008

pictures of the kit and add on...

Ha! Sorry about the It post. Who knows where that was going. I know I meant to insert the pictures of the kit and the add ons! So, how about I do that now? Don't forget to scroll down after looking at these pictures. Virginia made the cutest cone decoration with the kit. I want one!! This kit is a mix of whimsy, glitter, vintage and so many fun extra embellishments. I hope you love it as much as I did!Supplement 1
Supplement 2 Glitter glue! Have you ever used this? I love it! I usually use it on my Christmas cards. I will desaturate my picture so that it looks hand-tinted. Print on paper and then add this glitter to the highlighted spots. For instance, you can put it on a santa hat on the furry parts. Or, you can add it to an ornament or something christmasy! The glitter is all that shows up and it adds so much to your card or layout!