Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet True Love

This kit has some vintage items in it! I really enjoyed playing with them! Gretchen found us some old music sheets and graciously gave them to me to use for this kit! When I was in Tennessee at my Mom's house, I found these post cards. They are replicas of old snowman postcards! They are all different, so, you will get one that is unique to your kit! I also found some railroad car tickets. So many sweet elements to add to your page!

We were at Connor's Dad's house for Thanksgiving last week and there were some old pictures floating around. I got my hands on them and couldn't believe my fortune! They were of Grandmother Farmer, she is 98! Several of them were of her and Grandaddy Bill! They were the cutest couple! Most were taken in the 40's, he was in the war. I can't wait to use more of them on layouts. There are some great stories that need to be told! Their love was so sweet. She would send him pictures and write notes on the back, reminding him of what they were doing and of their memories! Ahhhhhh.......it is a scrapbookers dream! She was so funny looking at them and telling us they were supposed to be private, but grinning the entire time! Treasure.......truly a treasure!

I thought this postcard was a great indication of their playfulness! I have pictures of her in a grass skirt and a bikini! I'll try and get those on a layout, soon! So fun and happy!