Thursday, July 16, 2009

Murray (July Scripts!)

My little guy has this fascination for some friends of ours' cat, Murray.

Atticus has taken to Murray like Calvin did to Hobbes.

He tells me stories about how he and Murray ride bikes together (Atticus' is blue and Murray's is green) and then snuggle together (Atticus sucking his fingers and Murray sucking his paw!). LOL

Atticus even has a beanie baby version of Murray that he carries around.

Of course I had to record this.

Of course. :)
(To make the green frame, I traced the die cut paper in the kit around the green cardstock, cut it out, and then cut out a large square on the inside. I added liberal amounts of distress ink to define the edges!)


Lisa said...

that is so sweet!! i love what you did with the green paper - may be trying that myself today!!

Lucy said...

Virginia - you do have a gift! I love this page. It tells such a great story and I could just sit and look at it. It's beautiful!!

g said...

so so sweet! i too am planning on lifting the frame cut out- it is fantastic!!