Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am a huge fan of Pandora Radio. For those of you who are unfamiliar, you go to Pandora and enter a song or an artist you like and create a station (i.e. I have a Jason Mraz Station bc I like Jason Mraz). Then, Pandora will select songs from that artist as well as similar artists and play them for you. It is the greatest! I have discovered so much new music from listening to Pandora. AND IT'S FREE!!

Anyhoo, I saw a challenge over on the Dares blog (yes, apparently its still around in some form) where the Dare Girls did a playlist layout. I was inspired by the Cosmo Cricket cassette tape paper (which btw, my kids did not know what they were and that should not be surprising) to make a Playlist Layout of my own. I burned some of my current faves to a disc and included it in a little pocket on my layout. I wonder if CD players will be around in 20 years...

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