Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Pick

I love "the Christmas kit"! It always has my favorite colors. I die for anything red and white. It's the crispness of it, I guess. All of my favorite Christmas decorations are red and white. The "scarf" my kids have on in this picture is red and white. I know, it's a black and white photo and you can't tell. I am working on something else with this picture in color and you can see it there! I call it a scarf that's wrapped them up, but it's actually garland from my tree. It has bells on either end and I have several of them that wrap my tree. So cute. The Bella Blvd in this kit was perfect. It has traditional red and green with a touch of whimsical red and green. I love that!
When trying to pick out the picture for our holiday card, I printed it in several ways: black and white, color, sepia and color desaturated. I picked the black and white. I just loved the contrast. Everyone else picked color......they could see their eyes better. Ok, valid. We did color.......sorry, I never sent them. I handed them out as I saw people! Maybe I will work on them and get them in the mail.....joke. I think, besides the picture, the ribbon is my FAVORITE thing on this layout!

I wanted to use all the fun colors from this kit on one layout. I guess you could say, RED is my favorite color. I love it. A LOT! I cut the papers in different lengths to make it look like a tree, hand cut a star for the top, and made a little trunk for the base. Then I printed lots of pictures from Christmas Day and put them on the bottom: Presents under the tree! I added different little ribbons or toppers to each to make them look festive. It kinda looks like a cake, but you get it, right? I can't look at this picture without thinking about how grown up Emma looks. It makes my heart hurt for her to be "big".


Just call me b said...

I love those gifts under the tree. that layout is fabulous!

Lisa said...

love both layouts, but that tree is adorable!! i'm thinking it would be really cute on a canvas!!