Monday, May 17, 2010

It's that time of year

School is almost over - we have two more weeks. My son's elementary school doesn't really do anything big for Teacher Appreciation, which I think stinks. I know they had a duty free lunch one day - meaning they get to eat out of the cafeteria and someone else watches the kids. But that's it. At least, that's all I know of. The past two schools he's attended had great plans for the week of teacher appreciation with themes each day and just fun for the teachers.

Since our school doesn't do a big deal, I just let it slide, planning on really kicking it up for the end of the year party. Our party is Friday and I've got one gift almost finished!! I've got to get on the ball! Here are some ideas that I really love and hopefully will try a few:

Crayon Monogram:

I would love to do this and have a stockpile of crayons, so I think it's doable! I've seen it with colored pencils, too - which is a great look, but I think I can cut crayons easier than the pencils.

The coolest clipboard ever:

Now, I've done a few altered clipboards in my day (every teacher has gotten at least one) but this one is so cool - with the cork and the clothes pins, and post its - you can't go wrong! I may try this for sure.

This one may be my favorite - a box of teacher goodies:

and check out the inside:

I just love this - I'm really going to try to remember to look at supplies for more of these, once school's back in and supplies get clearanced. But for now, I'll scope out some less expensive places and see what I can find - I'm a frugal girl, ya know!!

So, what are you doing for end of the year gifts?


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