Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Morning!

It's 9am and I'm ready for this day! I know you are! We are going to have a little fun before we show you all the goodness that is in this kit........
I promised a giveaway for someone who needs a Monthly Dose of inspiration............

Robin Hartzog
You will be receiving a supplement to your Monthly Dose!

Your prize will be mailed with your kit!

I will be posting information about the Monthly Dose, the Supplement and the Side Effect up to the reveal. If you have any questions for away and I will try and answer them. I will be hanging out in the forum.......come hang out!

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Chere said...

Okay Divas, I am out of town and have my husband saying let's go. I would love to hang out. Maybe I can hang-on on my Blackberry. This is killing me? Dying in Seattle?