Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update on Sign Up

I know.......I know! You are all wanting to know where to sign up. I promise it's coming. Brad was working on it last night and sent me this message....."working on a middleman servlet to handle the subscription transactions". So, whatever that means! I guess it didn't work out last night. I don't think he knows how crucial it is to give us what we want when we say we want it! I mean, he's married and all, but he's pretty young and I think he needs a little more pushing than say, my husband! hehe

I promise I won't let anyone sign up that wasn't an attendee at the event until we get you guys in! I promise!!!
Hang in there and enjoy the sneak peeks......we'll keep them coming......another giveaway?

the winner of some Heidi Swapp, Basic Grey, and Thickers!!
Blogger Dana said...

Too Cute!!! Where do I sign up!?

May 29, 2008 8:07 PM

Dana, email me at ScrapETCScripts@gmail

Woo hoo! Isn't this fun?
there is more to come.....................


gimmegodiva said...

OK... I feel better now.... for some reason I thought I was the only one that couldn't figure out how to sign up!!!!!! Everything looks AWESOME!!!!

Dana said...

I'm so excited!! Thanks Lucy for drawing my name.