Friday, June 6, 2008

Who wants another prize?

I have a Side Effect to give away!!! Yes, a free one to one of the wonderful subscribers! I mean, doesn't looking at all of these sneak peeks give you a need for some medicine? You need your fix on inspiration and we have it for you! Beware though......there are side effects and believe me they are good ones! You want one of these! It was designed by Virginia, and I know how much you all love her stuff so................without further adieu............

Gabrielle Howey

you are the winner!
i will add your side effect in with your kit!


HoweverAlthough said...

Yea Gabbe! Good for you. And here's my question....probably has already been answered somewhere...when I signed up for scripts I didn't see the option to add the extra stuff. Can we add that now if we want to? How do we do that?

g said...

yea!! i'm so excited!
i posted a thank you comment on the private member's blog (?) but i guess they don't show up here so thank you thank you again!
i'm confused how to order extras too and in the shop, i can see the links/descriptions but no pics- anyone else having trouble?

I'm thrilled to have won Virginia's kit & can't wait to receive my meds!!