Monday, July 7, 2008

Can you get it Over The Counter?

Shelley emailed me a second ago and gave me the name Over the Counter instead of A la Carte.
How cute is that? I've changed it everywhere, so if you are looking for those make sure you get them over the counter! hehe....thanks for being so smart, Shelley!!

I am so glad you all love it so much. The slideshow will be up at 1:00pm...Hey, that's in just a few minutes! I know you are going to be so inspired. Everyone did a super job.

The kits are being packed and will be mailed out next week. My goal is for them to be at the PO by Monday afternoon! Get those orders for your over the counter and supplements so I can ship it out at the same time. If you want to pick yours up at the store send me an email and I will get that list together.

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Chere said...

Lucy, I am very furestrated with Scrap Etc. I can not log on to the store to view the add-ons. I have gotten several passwords, called the store and left several messages and e-mailed someone back with my problem. I still can not log-on. Please help me.