Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More sneak peeks!

This kit is to die for........I love it so much. I got it last week and made 3 layouts immediately.
That is......the whole month's supplies. Here is a sneak peek of the add on, or as we call it here at the pharmacy, your supplement!
Ahhhhh, I was really jonesing for something new! This thing has a lot of the stuff that I love and am afraid to use! I can't wait to see what all the designers come up with. Have I told you we will have the gallery reveal on the 7th? Everyone has their kits and they have over the holiday weekend to work on it and inspire you beyond measure! I know, I am a slave driver! I should've had them the kit earlier in the month. I am already getting in stuff for August, we will be on the ball! So, be on the lookout on Monday for all the faBulOus stuff they create!

let me know what you think.......there might be a little something in it for you!


melita said...

Both the dose and supplement look adorable! Is there a list somewhere of what is included in each? Can't wait for the gallery reveal!

Lisa said...

oh WOW - love the doodles in there - we need THOSE in the regular kit too!! I can't wait to see everything!!

laura daniel said...

I think I need to add the supplement to my daily dose. Very cute.

elizbailey said...

The doodled tags look so fun!

g said...

oh man- might be a 3 med emergency for me this month (main kit, project kit & this awesome add on!) LOL!
can't wait!!

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Hmmm, I'm just now catching up on the posts I missed while I was on vacation. Yay, I get to pick up my kit tomorrow!