Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, the side effects of this drug we can't get enough of!

Have I told you that Katie did a special project this month? Well, I'm telling you now........It is so very cute. I can't even describe how fab this little thing is. She used the Fancy Pants clear bracket album and the Fancy Pants felt and created the most adorable mini album. If you buy this side effect, Katie will email you and you can take an "online" class with her. She will tell you how her creative mind came up with this in less that 24 hours after I gave her the materials! Yes, less than 24 hours. She is a genius!
Here are a couple of pictures!!


Lisa said...

this is so adorable. katie rocks!!

g said...

i already ordered my project kit via the shop button/paypal- cannot wait!!
Katie & all of the design team are just amazing!!!