Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July's Dose!

I picked up my July Monthly Dose today! I can't wait to play a little bit! Hmmmm............how fun!!! Man, there is some good stuff in here!
Ok, after I've played a little bit, I will come back and update!


Lisa said...

yummy yummy!!! it looks like lots of fun! is it the 10th yet? :)

leateach said...

I cannot wait to get my hand on this. Hey where do I order the little add on things?

Chere said...

I still can not sign on. I have left several messages at the Scrap Etc., I also sent an e-mail and responded to the e-mail address I was directed to. I have gotten at least 8 new passwords. I tried to set up another account and it said my user name was already used. Please me. My Info:
Chere Mortensen
1115 Wedgewood Drive
Fayetteville, GA 30213
676-414-2333 cell

3QTGUYS said...

Hey, Chere, I am forwarding this to Lucy! She will take care of you!

g said...
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g said...

can't wait! looks like another amazing kit!! i really need help/ confirmation on my subscription: i don't need to sign up for the main kit every month do i? When we joined last month, we were put on the 6 month/ auto sub list, correct? The newsletter/ email this week has me very confused because it says to respond by the 10th if you want the July dose- i posted on the private forum but haven't had any replies. i know to go shop for the extra add-on kits if i want to order them, but i really want to make sure i'm on auto for the monthly main kits!! thank you so much for your help!!
wishing everyone an awesome 4th of July holiday weekend!!