Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Chillin' Money Holders!

Well, I LOVE these little journal sheets from this month's kit! I wanted to use them in so many different ways, but I really *needed* to make some money cards for a few graduates at our church! So............... I added some patterned paper to the back side, and then decorated the journal sheets......and then for a little 'whimsy' I added ribbon to the money!

They are so cute IRL and hopefully, a welcome surprise! And, not to mention --- EASY! I have about 4 more I need to make! YIKES! I think as Mason gets older, each year we are going to get more and more grad invites!!!

Anyone got any cute graduate gift ideas.........that I can make on the cheap?!?!

More layouts to come soon.......I had so much fun with this kit!!!


Lucy said...

so very cute! I love those Making Memories journal books. They are the BEST! I wish I had a graduate to give something to.....oh well, it will make a great birthday present, too!

g said...

just adorable! i love that you're always making such cute things for people! they are going to love these!

Linh C. said...

Great idea, B!