Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Check out the September Kit

Are you ready for this?? This is an awesome kit! I completely drooled over it while packing them up! There is so so so much paper in this kit - you won't believe it!! And the picture below shows you almost everything in it - we thought we'd leave a few things out of the picture to surprise you!!

So - that's the kit and I can't wait to play with it!! Those bingo cards are wonderful and the Jillibean Soup ribbon it great too! OH and that cute "K" you see up there - orangy with scalloped edges - well, each one of you will receive one in your kit with one of your own initials on it! Just a special little treat for you!

The add on is pretty cute too - it's got a cool stamp set included!! That picture is coming soon - gotta keep you waiting a teeny bit!!

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