Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots of layouts

I spent a few hours last week just scrapbooking and watching mindless television. I don't get to do that too often - or at least when I do I'm not super productive, I get sidetracked from Brandon and Kelly's on again/off again relationship or get wrapped up in the whole Luke/Loralie thing.

Anyway, last week - I was productive.

I started these first two layouts during Spring Break and finished them up last week. I had photos in mind, but started the layouts without the photos. Usually I let the photos guide me but with this first one - the paper from the Black Bird kit just seemed perfect for the noise going on in the background while I scrapped with my friend, Michelle.

This second layout was inspired by this challenge over at Noel Mignon blog and I used the February Black Bird kit for it, as well. The challenge was titled "Lean on Me" and was about documenting that special relationship, someone you can lean on. So, I made sure to get a picture of me and my friend Michelle. She's that friend - the one that will listen to my craziness and not see it as crazy. She gets me. She has from the beginning of our friendship!! We are a lot alike in so many ways - it's a little weird, actually, but we love it!!

When I got my March Kit - Hey Jude - I couldn't wait to dig in and play. I did this layout with certain photos in mind (which were of Cole petting the animals in Animal Kingdom), but then decided that they wouldn't work (it was December and not really springy). I then thought about taking a picture of Cole outside playing but then wondered if the flashcards at the bottom would make since considering the lack of animals in my photo - so now it's just pictureless and I can't decide what the heck I'm doing here. So, if you have a suggestion, help a girl out.....

Now this one is using really old pictures, I never do that, along with the March kit, Hey Jude. I don't know why I don't use more old pictures since they are just in boxes and not being used at all. I seem to think I can only use photos that have been taken as long as I've been scrapbooking and not from the time before. So, these are from 1997 - while we were living the young and free lifestyle, not too worried about the future yet, not thinking about marriage or kids or anything other than where we'd hang out that weekend. I certainly wasn't too worried about fashion - that's quite apparent by my tucked in tshirt and denim vest!! I recently heard this song "Free" by the Zac Brown Band and loved the chorus and used it as my title.

And finally we have this layout about Cole and what he is, right now, at nine years old. I know we think we'll remember this little silly things about our kids forever. The truth is, we won't remember it all. I'm sure I won't forget his obsession with the Toy Story characters, but I may forget the silly way he says KOOKIE and that face he makes as he says it. I wish I would have thought to do this each year of his life - just a little 'right now' sort of layout. I plan to make sure I do it from now on! And it would be nice to do it with my own 'right now', too.

So, there's not much left of my March kit - so I'm ready to see the April kit! How about you??


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gimmegodiva said...

Wow- you have been busy! Love the pics of you and Jason! :) Cute layouts.