Sunday, April 18, 2010

Punches are my favorite tool, how about you?

I love punches - border punches, corner punches, shape punches - all of them. I have a project I'm working on now and wanted to punch a few different size circle. I know I can use my Slice, but there's just something about a punch - I can't resist. And with the Slice, everything is cut in half inch increments and I wanted a different variation.

I headed to JoAnn's first, hoping to find a round punch that was a little less than 2 inches, plus I had a 50% off coupon. They didn't have one but the punches were on sale so I looked around hoping to find a new border punch - but they didn't have anything I was crazy about. I knew Michael's would have one, but didn't have my coupon with me and wasn't sure if they were on sale or not so to Hobby Lobby I went. Most of my punches have come from Hobby Lobby - so I felt they would have just what I was looking for. I also noticed a few Martha Stewart border punches at Hobby Lobby and this was a surprise, didn't think they would ever carry her stuff.

Let me tell you about my punches for a moment. I have Marvy punches, Paper Studio punches, Fiskars, Martha Stewart, and EK Success punches. I'm an equal opportunity puncher!! My favorite punches tend to be the border punches from Fiskars and then EK Success. I haven't had a problem with any of my Fiskars border punches and I use them lots. In my recent clean up of my scrap stuff I finally located one I'd been missing (apron lace) and was super excited to see it!!

I love my Paper Studio punches, but they tend to be really hard to punch with. I have these two that I've used a lot - they are scalloped circles - one is 2 5/16ths and then 1 7/8ths. These two are perfect for layering together but they are super hard to punch. I've tried aluminum foil and wax paper and neither help. I have to punch them on the floor and step on them (not the best method) or go to my kitchen counter top and punch there.

I was hoping to find a circle that would fit somewhere in between those two scallops. I ended up with a 1 7/16th circle punch - doesn't fit in between but I liked that size. I immediately opened it when I got home Saturday and started gathering my paper for my project.

One of the features of these punches (as well as the Marvy punches) is there is a clear cover on the area where your punched shape falls out - so you can see what you are punching, but it stays contained, in the punch. The bad thing is if you are lining up your paper and want the pattern just right in the punch, you have to take the cover off and take out the previously punched shape. My two scalloped circle punches have the clear cover removed and I'm pretty sure they are lost forever. I can see where this would be a great feature if you are punching a shape multiple times since it contains them all right there - no worries about them falling out or getting stuck. But with those particular punches, I haven't found it was that helpful to me. The coolest part of this new punch is the cover is clear and there's a slot that your shape can fall out of - so you can see where you are punching and then slip the shape out without having to take off that cover. I love it!! Best new feature of a punch ever!!

I got a little crazy and punched more circles than I needed, but hey - that's okay - I'll find a way to use them I'm sure!! While I was out hunting down the perfect circle punch, I ran in Tuesday Morning and found some Martha Stewart punches there. I only got one and it's odd - sort of a flower or medallion - not sure what it's supposed to be but for $2.99, I'll try it out. I haven't taken it out of the bag yet, but will get to it this week, I'm sure!!

So, what are your favorite punches? Do you have any fun tips or tricks to share? I'll be back next week with a few tips to share - I love taking a punch and using it to make something other than the shape intended!! Always love a challenge!! I'll try to come back later today and show you the flowers I made with my circles!!

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment about your favorite punch or tip!!

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Sandy said...

I love punches too! I just picked up the Fiskars eyelet lace embossing punch and it's so awesome! Perfect dainty borders for girly pages. I love that it makes a pretty embossed edge too. Don't have any creative tips but my kids sure do love using punches for all sorts of things - patterning, making animals out of shapes, cutting out shapes as food...thanks for the ideas!