Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Fashion Inspiration

I was ultra inspired by Lucy's Oscar Fashion post the other day. So, I decided to go with the theme.

Earlier this week, I purchased a cute little dress from a Consignment Sale at a friends house. Cream with scatters of brightly colored stars. I just fell in love with it. It's a little small for Cam, but I am going to let her wear it as a tunic.

I don't have a normal hole punch. I have a hole punch that makes butterflies. I know. I have a problem. Anyhoo, I punched out a ton of tiny little butterflies from some Lily Bee, SEI and Cosmo Cricket patterned paper and scattered them in little bunches just like the stars on the dress.

Note to readers: Since I used patterned paper instead of cardstock, I had to place each butterfly by hand. You can see the little shiny dots of Glossy Accents. This was kind of a pain, but I am thrilled with the effect. The SEI paper had a glittery side so that added a little bit "extra" to it as well. For a variation, you could use Stickles to glue the butterflies down (which would add glitter if you wanted it and didn't have any glittery paper).

Thanks also to the Fabulous Lisa Tanner for the new Blog Siggies : )


Lisa said...

super cute layout! love those tiny butterflies!! and you're welcome!

Lucy said...

Those tiny butterflies make my heart sing! I'm so glad fashion is your passion, too! It's so inspiring!!