Monday, March 15, 2010

Springy colors make me happy!

I'm so glad that all the stores are starting to break out all the springy stuff. It's nice to see the cheerful colors. But, here's the deal - I haven't spent much time out shopping lately. I've been at home and on the computer. So, I decided to look around for some springy colors online.

First, I was flipping through my Google Reader and came across this. Here's my favorite image from that post:

Check out these cute water bottles:

Those are from Potter Barn Kids - so cute and springy - I always love polka dots, but it just seems like they fit in better in the spring!

Check out this link from the Land of Nod but before you click, plan on spending a bit of time there - their stuff is adorable!

And look at this:

This is from Martha Stewart - love these colors together - but the kicker is she calls this a Craft Punch Glossary. Check out directions on how to make this here.

So, what spring colors are you wanting to break out? What colors make you squeal with joy?

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