Monday, January 25, 2010

How do you organize your stuff?

Do you have a dedicated room for scrapbooking? Do you have to share space with the rest of the family? Do you have to go hide off in a corner to scrapbook while the husband hangs in his man cave?

I find it really hard to organize my scrap supplies. I've had dedicated space and shared space. Both are usually a mess. I've been to several friends houses that had a dedicated space and it's messy, too - so I don't feel so bad. But, then I've been to one friends house who shares her space with her kids and everything is nice and neat and put away. I mean - I didn't see stacks of stuff everywhere like you'll currently find in my space. I think it's because she actually USES her supplies!! I just collect the majority of mine. My current scrap space is in the guest room which doubles as the laundry landing pad, so I drag everything out and it ends up all over the house, in the dining room and the living room. It's a mess!!! Huge and giant mess!!!

I long to have a room that's all pretty and clean and mess free, but honestly, I need a bit of mess in my creative process!! Just a bit.

Here's some spaces that really speak to me - some ideas that I really like - so check them out:

Melissa Gunter
- this is full of bright colors and looks very inspiring. I think I lean toward this because you can see supplies - I need to see what I have or I forget all about it! I'm not much for super bright colors in my home, but I do like looking at this space - A LOT!

Becki Wainwright
- this is great, too and speaks to the shabby chic side of me - it just makes me think of old vintage-y touches! I think it's the lack of bright colors here that I'm drawn to. Funny how complete opposite rooms still get my attention.

And one more
- I like that this is a smaller space and you can see she's still got all her supplies inside her room.

For me, I like to use what I have and not go buy new furniture, so I have some restrictions in my space. But, one day, maybe I'll have a dedicated room again and can really do it up with some Ikea buys and The Container Store! Oh the ideas!! I've always loved January and February because of all the storage containers that you see everywhere!! I love it just can't keep it up!

Oh well - I'm a work in progress!! I found this article and thought maybe it would help me out - 100 reasons to get rid of it - this article was great and not just about crafting supplies - lots of things here we don't think of getting rid of.

So tell us how you store things? Do you have a dedicated space? Do you spread out all over the house like me?



Scrapin Kat said...

Oh Honey,, the organizing makes me agonize... I dream to be organizrd but have decided it isn't worth it ! I would rather create along the clutter! If I had all the money I've have spent on organizing products I could have bought a ticket to CHA this week! so I have bins and boxes and piles, but luckily I have a "SPACE" to hold it all! I love all those programs clean sweep, clean house, and hoarders it gives me a little burst... to know it is possible!

Tracy said...

I just moved into this HUGE house (at least for me it's huge), and we have a spare room with no closet (strange, but true). So, my husband thought it would be a good place for my craft supplies. I have a wall of shelves with all kinds of fun containers to store things. Now all I have to do is stay home long enough to use them! :D

Autigergirl said...

I have a dedicated room in the basement that is my "woman cave". I painted it hot pink and installed an elfa drawer and shelf system and installed plenty of work space. I have a cabinet and work table from Ikea. My sister helped me get organzied and so all of the elfa drawers are labled!!

Virginia said...

If I'm the mom you were talking about with the playroom/scraproom, didn't you notice that there was a long tablecloth covering that table? You didn't peek under there.... or under the little curtains on my white storage cubes... or inside of the old suitcases... trust me, girl, I gots some clutter, it's just hidden well.

Oh and if I'm not the mom you were talking about, then whew! ;) hehe

Lisa said...

Virginia - YES, i was talking about you - but hidden clutter is HIDDEN - that's a good thing! My clutter is very out in the open!! WAY out in the open!! You do a good job of hiding it!!