Monday, January 25, 2010

Perfect, Simple love

Good Morning everyone!! I was so excited when I got my "Can't Buy Me Love" kit. I immediately had this layout pop into my mind. I'm a country music girl - love it, love the lyrics, love trying to find the meaning of the song. Well, that's for all music, not just country - but country is the easiest to listen to with a little guy in the car who memorizes lyrics super fast!

So this layout title came from the song "Do I?" by Luke Bryan. It's kind of a heartbreaking song, the guy isn't sure if he still makes his wife (or girlfriend, I guess) feel all those things that you feel with new love. My title came from this line - "Remember when we didn't have nothing, but a perfect simple kind of loving? Baby those sure where the days." Those lines made me think about the good ol' days - remember when you first met your spouse/significant other and everything was new and wonderful. Things change as you grow up together and it's really hard to capture that simple, perfect love from so long ago.

When I saw this picture below, I knew it was perfect for the title that had been turning around in my head.

Cole and Kaylee are in second grade together. She is super sweet and a little sassy and spunky! I just love her. (And her baby sister is just as cute, let me tell you) Anyway - she is super sweet to Cole and goes into Mothering Mode with him a bit, too - which I love. She sticks up for him and defends him. He's a pretty emotional kid and things get to him that really wouldn't bother your average 8 to 9 year old. So, I love it when there's someone around who will stick up for him and have his back, so to speak. Kaylee is it!! Her mom has told me several times little stories Kaylee comes home with about Cole. It's just sweet and innocent and this is probably one of the last school years this will happen. At some point, kids get too cool to be friends - boys and girls split apart and the girls stick with their girlfriends and the boys have to be all tough with the other boys. That's what's so sweet about this to me. I'm glad I could capture their friendship and record it for him. He may hate it in the future - ew him and a girl - but hey, right now, it's so sweet - perfect and simple!!



Virginia said...

Cute cute cute! I LOVE the music paper butterflies! Swoon!

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