Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Candy Kind-of Birthday!

***Attention, here's a Dollar Tree Craft For ya***

So, how fun in the world is this, if I do say so myself!

A Christmas time, I fell in love with this Dollar Tree vase (thanks to Virginia), when it was time to make a birthday gift for Scott's Administrative Assistant, I fell back to this new fave!

I started with the candle holder, and the vase.....a little bit of E6000, and let it set!

Then, I used my Can't Buy Me Love Scripts Kit , and made the little "J" tag, and the "happy birthday" note. I love those JilliBean Soup alphabets!

I then hot glued some candy bars to skewers, the tags to skewers, and the best part.....the marshmallows as filler!!!! Ahh, I love it!

And, then, topped it off with an Apple Gift Card....and tada! Happy Birthday Jenny!

I hope she loved it as much as I do!


Casey said...

So cute! LOVE!

Lucy said...

precious! that's a perfect gift!!

denise said...

super cute idea... will have to do this for the boss. But what is
e6000 or whatever? Is this glue and if so, are you glueing the marshmellows? Just curious.
Thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

B, you amaze me. This is just too cute. I will so have to steal this idea!

Denise- she is talking about making the actual container. It is made out of a hurricane/vase & a candlestick from the Dollar Tree. She used E6000 (a super strong glue you can get at Hobby Lobby & other places) to glue the top of the candlestick to the bottom of the hurricane.