Monday, February 1, 2010

Inspired by fashion

You know, we're all inspired by different things. I see some random things in a store and immediately take out my phone and snap a picture. I see things online and bookmark like crazy. I find something through a blog and it's immediately added to my Google reader. I collect more ideas than I can actually do anything with!!!

So lately, I've been inspired by several different sites - the first I owe to Lucy, who loves this store and I'm sure couldn't believe that I've never been inside. Still haven't, but I've been spending lots of time on their website - ANTHROPOLOGIE!!! I really love this and would like to find a way to do that type of cluster on a page, or a canvas!! I would love one of their necklaces, too - but I'm thinking I'll stick with trying to make one, instead of buying one! I love all the muted colors that are all over their site!

And I'm definitely a Vera Bradley girl - I love the patterns and colors and softness of her bags. I wish I could have every single pattern and style bag, along with the luggage and stationary! I just love it. This time of year, the previews start for the new spring collection. I've already picked out the pattern I want next - Sittin' in a Tree - it's just springy, in soft colors I'm really drawn to.

And we can't forget Pottery Barn - I know Pottery Barn isn't really fashion in the clothing department, but it's fashion for your home, right? Their new spring collection all seems to be the same thing I've been drawn to everywhere else - light, muted colors - everything's a little worn. I love that.

So, what new colors for spring are you drawn to? What fashion mags are you peeking through to get some inspiration?

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