Friday, February 26, 2010

Dollar Days- Hanger Puzzle Organizer

For those of you who are new followers to the blog, welcome!

If you are new reader, you may not know that my home is rather like a small preschool. I have four precious kiddos, and my oldest will be 5 in April.

I find more often than not, me reaching back into my memories of being a preschool teacher and using the ideas from the classroom in my home.

These hangers from the Dollar Spot at Target are awesome for decorating and holding all sorts of things.

I used the Blackbird kit (sold out!!) to make it pretty.

Knowing that kids need to SEE stuff, to play with it, I put some of their puzzle pieces in big plastic bags and clipped them up.
Now my kids' puzzle basket is a lot less jumbled up, and they can play with them a lot easier!

I think that these would be really cute for holding up kit bags, or organizing other things in your home. What would you use them for?


gimmegodiva said...

I need to do this with everything in my scrap room. You are right-- if you don't see it, you won't use it!

Katie said...

how cute is this? I need to do that.

Virginia said...

Ever since I made this the other night, my kids have been playing non-stop with their puzzles! So funny!

AND it is easy for them to clean up. Total WIN for mommy!