Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion week in NYC

My internet access has been OUT since last Thursday and I haven't been "online" since. I do have a Blackberry (aka Crackberry) and have had limited access to my email and, of course, Facebook. It's just not as easy as being on the laptop. I haven't seen this blog since last Wednesday. I have to say, today, while sitting in the library, I was completely blown away! They have just been rocking along and sharing beautiful things all weekend!!

Since it is Fashion Week in NYC and I am completely in awe of all things fashionable. I decided to show you how I use my Scripts Kit for fashion. Granted, this was an easy one!

I had the idea for this kit to add a key. I have a source that keeps me in the old key business.....luckily! He found me enough old keys for each and every person! I was so excited when I saw them. They all were very different and each had a unique quality. I wrapped them all in twine and packed them away in each kit. I had the whole "key to my heart" idea since it was closing in on Valentine's Day. Right after that, we went to CHA and Making Memories came out with their new line called, Vintage Groove. I LOVE it! I was totally inspired after doing the make n take necklace to find vintage pieces to make jewelry! Aha!! That's where my little key comes in! I added it with a couple of pieces from MM and made this adorable necklace! I've been collecting lots of old things to make several more!
If you haven't used your key for anything, pull it out and put it on a chain. You will get lots of comments and compliments!

3 things I've learned for Fall 2010 from this week of Fashion.
1. Chocolate Milk nail color
2. Color tights with black shoes
3. Matte lip...no gloss

I'm ready!

I have to say that I must be one of the luckiest people on earth. I can't begin to explain how much I adore the girls that support this Scripts kit. Virginia, Katie, Brittney, Carol and Lisa all add so much to our team. It is amazing how we all have different qualities to bring to the table. They all go together so well. I am proud to have them as a part of this group and to call them my friends.


Lisa said...

love the necklaces but where did you get the MM pieces? are they out yet? or did you get a hook up at CHA? LOL

I just got all my granny's old jewelry from my mom's and really want to make a funky necklace, sort of a bib, but not quite as big, necklace.

I may need your expertise!!

Virginia said...

Aw I love you too, Lucy! :)

And I was totally inspired by your jewelry today and came home and took apart some of my necklaces and put them back together in different combos. Can't wait for the MM stuff to come in!

gimmegodiva said...

Thanks Lucy! I <3 you too! Thanks for everything! :)