Monday, February 8, 2010

Some yumminess!!

Do you ever just get lost in blog land? Once in a while, okay - all the time, I come across a blog and it mentions something from another blog, like directions for a project, or just a picture of a finished project. I go to that blog and then just look and look and look and suddenly, I don't even remember what led me to the current blog or what I originally was looking for at that particular blog. I'm sure I'm not the only one that happens to.

I just spent about 45 minutes on this one blog and ended up linking to about ten more for that one!!

Well, this blog - I came across in the same way - not sure how I got there, but I've never really left. It's one of those in my blog reader I never skip! Never.

So - check out The Hostess with the Mostess - you will be there a while, so go grab a cupcake and a Diet Dr. Pepper and enjoy!

I made a diaper cake last year for my cousin's baby shower and then another for my aunt-in-law's baby shower. It was totally inspired by this blog. So, it's no wonder I'm back today looking through baby shower ideas. I have another cousin who's expecting a sweet baby girl in April. My mom and I are planning the baby shower and I just know this blog will help out!

Look at this:

How cute would this be in pinks and browns for little finger sandwiches (or cupcakes, but we aren't having cupcakes at the shower).

And this:

Those suckers are so cute!! I wonder if I could find some pink ones now (since all the valentine stuff is out) and use that for the shower. Pink is just too fun!

Then I saw this:

I wish we could do a candy buffet at the baby shower - but with Easter right around the corner, I think there's a better use for all that candy. Each Easter, my mom has done a huge Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Well, now the kids are too old for the most part. There's only two that really like to look for eggs and there are six that just really want a prize. So my mom decided that she'd do a scavenger hunt last year and it was fun - the kids enjoyed it. Now, this year, she's thinking about something different - we decided to fill up some clear containers (we have several different sizes and types) with candy and let them big kids guess how many pieces are inside. Then after guessing, the one the closest will win and instead of winning the container (which I don't want to give up) they'll get another cute little decorated tin with the same treat inside and if I know Mom, some cash!! So, I'm thinking I'll make up some cute little labels for the containers - and they'll match the cute little tin they'll actually win. It'll be fun and cute! Can't beat that!!


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